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Do I Need A Family Law Attorney?

The truth is that you do not need an attorney to get divorced or complete some other family law matters. Handling your divorce on your own, however, can create problems that are both difficult and expensive to resolve later on.

An experienced divorce lawyer knows what to consider when negotiating a settlement or litigating a case. An experienced lawyer also knows how to protect your rights. The right lawyer can prevent you from agreeing to a settlement that is not in your best interests.

What Can We Do For You?

New York City is full of family law attorneys. We know that you have options, but we also know that you deserve to work with a law firm that will put your best interests first. At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., in Queens, we take our commitments seriously. Below are a few examples of what you can expect from us:

We give you realistic options. We know that dealing with a legal issue is overwhelming. Your attorney should not make it worse by misleading you for his or her own benefit. We are honest when we tell you what to expect and what your options are. It is our goal to find the right solution for you as quickly as possible, so you can move on with your life.

We work together. Our family law attorneys have the experience and skills to handle cases on their own. We have found, however, that working together leads to better results for our clients. Our lawyers collaborate on every case to make sure that all angles are considered before settling on a solution.

We are focused on you. This may sound like an obvious statement, but we have heard many clients express frustration that their former attorney didn’t listen to them or wouldn’t return their calls. We know that the only way we can understand your goals is to let you explain them to us. It is important to us that you feel comfortable with our approach to your case, so we take the time to explain it. If your issue can be resolved with a straightforward settlement, we will not suggest taking it to court. This is your life, and we strive to help you make it better.

We have experience. Our attorneys are in the Queens courthouse every single day. We know the processes and procedures of that specific court. Because we know how the court operates, we can keep your case moving forward quickly. We don’t have to spend time considering strategies that might work because we know which ones do.

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