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Even if you do not have physical custody of your children, you do have a right to visitation. Having a solid visitation order in place will help protect your rights as a parent and allow you to build a bond with your child. Queens-based Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., helps families throughout New York City obtain visitation plans that preserve parent-child relationships.

Visitation Orders – Attorneys Helping Clients Throughout New York City Get Parenting Time With Their Children

Visitation is a separate issue from custody. Even if the other parent of your child was granted full residential custody, you still have the right to visitation with your child. Depending on your family’s unique dynamic and the circumstances surrounding your history and relationship with your child, you may be able to obtain visitation with your child.

At Daniella Levi & Associates, P.C., our seasoned family law attorneys work with clients to develop visitation schedules that both parents can agree to. If both parents agree to a visitation schedule, getting court approval will ensure future disputes between parents don’t interfere with parent-child relationships. A formal visitation plan also gives you legal enforcement options if your child’s other parent refuses future parenting time.

If both parents cannot agree to a visitation schedule, our attorneys will fight on your behalf to get you the visitation you deserve with your child.

Establishing Meaningful Parenting Time

Our lawyers help parents get the visitation orders they need to establish meaningful relationships with their children.

There are many types of visitation. If your child’s other parent agrees to visitation, a judge will determine visitation time based on factors similar to those used to evaluate custody. These include your physical and mental health, your parenting abilities and your previous relationship with your child.

When parents agree to visitation, the schedule can be more relaxed to afford both parents flexibility to suit changing schedules. The schedule also may be fixed, designating specific dates and holidays the children are to spend with each parent. If the court has doubt about your ability to parent, it may order supervised visitation. During supervised visitation, you will interact with your child under the supervision of a social worker, child health professional, or court staff member.

With the advent of smart technologies, virtual visitation is becoming more popular. This involves electronic communication using email, text, phone, and video chat to maintain parent-child relationships.

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